Jihad - One Nation Under God

by Audiodidakt

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“The concept of Jihad is more a state of mind rather than an absolute statement. The aesthetics and strength of Jihad lie in its firmness and devotedness. Jihad speaks for those who lack influence, and for those who have been forced to watch their state and their country fall apart, and with it their entire lives. When people turn away from their traditions and become ignorant of its wisdom and laws, and deviate towards contradictory laws based on the opinions of the capitalistic world, their unity will disintegrate and they will become ignorant of their past, present and future state and unaware of what will harm or benefit them. Jihad is the protector and keeper of traditions and culture: your identity. There is no reward for the volunteers of Jihad that can be measured in wealth. Though you will not find any organization past or present, religious or non-religious, that present a better reason for mobilization. A true follower of Jihad in spirit and in soul will continue carrying out Jihad against its disbelievers until they will comprise the struggle and its cause. Jihad is an active resistance, a holy war, against whatever is threatening your traditions and values. The spiritual aim of Jihad is to prevent its followers from becoming corrupt by the ever-growing consumer-society/anti-culture that is about to claim all nations. This high purpose can only be achieved through the establishment of the Paradise state, a nation under God.”


released September 11, 2002


all rights reserved


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